Whats the best 5 door hatchback out there?

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by BigonaBianchi, 21 Apr 2010.

  1. BigonaBianchi

    BigonaBianchi Yes I can, Yes I am, Yes I did...Repeat.

    I know its subjective but let me have your opinions on the best 5 door hatchback:smile:.

    Has to be an automatic transmission and be economical and not cost an arm and a leg for insurance. Not sure about price yet, so just want to hear any good / bad experiences etc.

    Ta in advance :laugh::smile:
  2. Greedo

    Greedo Guest

    Can never go wrong with a Golf. Had a couple years ago. Great cars.
  3. upsidedown

    upsidedown Waiting for the great leap forward

    The middle bit
    I had a Talbot Horizon once, pretty good car as i remember.
  4. dan_bo

    dan_bo How much does it cost to Oldham?

    Vinyl roof? phoaaar.
  5. Brahan

    Brahan Über Member

    West Sussex
    VW Golf. Had one for about 6 years it's brilliant and has never let me down.
  6. BrumJim

    BrumJim Poster

    Golf is the most over-rated hatchback on the market. They are NOT that reliable (a Skoda, Seat or Audi A3 are the same basic car, but more reliable), and frankly, so dull it is un-surpassable. TBH, any car should last 6 years without letting you down.

    If you want a car that beeps at you just because it can, get a Golf or a Peugeot. Golf - beep, you've got in the car, put the key in the ignition, but not put your seatbelt on yet. OK, the car is in neutral, the engine is off, but I'll remind you anyway. Oh, yes, and it is 6°C outside and pissing it down, but I'll warn you of a possible ice problem. And you have just passed under the shaddow of a tree, so I'll turn the headlights on. Want to change the headlamp bulb? Engine out for you sir. Want to check the washer bottle level? No chance - we've hidden it out of sight.

    The Ford Focus is a better car, and not as fashionable, so a lot better value. Peugeot have a few reliability problems at the moment. Don't get much factory help from Rovers.

    (yes, I do have a bit of an irrational dislike for Golfs)
  7. We have a Honda Jazz. Very good space inside with tricky folding rear seats, and good fuel economy. We love it.

    I think it's better priced here in Australia (compared to alternative vehicles) because we have a free trade agreement with Thailand (where it's made).

    Excellent small car though.
  8. I had a Sunbeam which was brilliant - and a silver Horizon which was a heap of < use your own> :laugh:

    A Renault Scenic was absolutely the best, most load carrying, easy to drive car I have used. Old shape and new.
  9. djb1971

    djb1971 Guru

    Far Far Away
    Golf or Civic

    reliable and will take a bike in the boot!
  10. Wigsie

    Wigsie Nincompoop


    There certainly is a mass of room in them with a relatively small (ish) feel. I have one now and after BMW's and Audi's it is taking a bit of getting used to but its frighteningly practical and very comfortable on long drives!!

    If price is not an issue I would get a 123d BMW or TDI A3. Although a TDCI Focus will go forever and can get a cracking one for under 5k.
  11. Citroen C4 had it since new nearly 4 years old now,never put a foot wrong.
    Not an automatic though and it's a diesel.It's gone from doing 10,000 miles a year to about 2,000 now-poor thing:biggrin:
  12. skudupnorth

    skudupnorth Cycling Skoda lover

    Skoda get's my vote,worked for them for many years and cannot fault the Octavia for quality,value and reliabilty
  13. mr Mag00

    mr Mag00 rising member

    Deepest Dorset
    pug 307 sw just collecting one this week, great rear seat arrangement
  14. Ashtrayhead

    Ashtrayhead Über Member

    Belvedere, Kent.
    Peugeot 307. Enormous inside, and good turn of speed.
  15. mr Mag00

    mr Mag00 rising member

    Deepest Dorset
    1.6 hdi same bhp as my old 1.9tdi a4. looking forward to a summer of camping and racing using the pug. said years ago i never liked them having had 2, they have really upped their game i have to say :ohmy:
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