What's the most stupid thing you ever bought?

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South Beds.
Can be any price any item.
I can't think of any specific at this early morning moment....but will no doubt think of something later.:blush:

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
A wedding ring:ohmy:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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A seven speed cassette for my eight speed bicycle. I had assumed it was seven when I got it and just hadn't realised it was eight speed despite riding it for some months and it having an '8' clearly printed on the alivio shifter pod thingy. I didn't realise until I slid the shiny new cassette onto the freehub and noticed the gap.
'........oh... my bike's got 8 gears..doh.' :blush:


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A radio control 4WD nitro truck....at a time when i was desperate for something to interest me.
£550......1 summers serious use, 1 summers occasional use and its sat in my cupboard ever since, reminding me i really brought it for the wrong reasons :blush:

But...the first year gave me some interest and enjoyment, so not quite a complete waste.


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it would be that stoopid bar compass I bought that points north but indicates that it is pointing south.

That and a cut n' shut Escort xr3i from some scumbag on bread n' cheese hill...bastard.

Johnny Thin

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I once bought something called a "Backswing" which allows you to flip yourself inverted (because, she asserted, it gives me a heavenly feeling), it should have cost £200 but I just left it at the next digs I was in without paying for it.


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Bromley, Kent
A bike, Now every so often I go and do Stupid Sportives and Kill myself an some impossible hill. Or I kill myself trying to enter a race. Why didn't I just stay with the gym?


A telescope.

Used it once. Froze my nuts off setting it up in the garden in the dark with the instructions in one hand, spent ages trying to train it on the moon (which I could already see just by looking up). Saw that it was a bit bigger but still round and white. Then took the whole thing apart again and stuck it in the loft.

It's been up there 2 years.

Oooh can I have it? :biggrin: please?
Can you not use it as binoculars?

but, LOL :blush: :ohmy: at that pitiful tale of pointlessness. What did you think the moon would look like under it? Did you expect to see life forms?
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