What's the point? Anybody?


Hahaha Love the music!


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Lol great music indeed Sh4rky!

Is quite funny watching videos from the inner cities with bit like that, generally dont see many maneuvers like that out in the towns!

Liked the last passing comment just incase they heard!;)


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Your filtering between 2 buses had me on the edge of my seat mind

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4F said:
Your filtering between 2 buses had me on the edge of my seat mind
Not any two Buses, Finglands (homicidally impatient, had me off once, and more near misses than I care to mention) and Magic Bus (they have a driver who likes to punish people who DARE use his road with stupid close overtakes). I'd sooner have them buggers in front of me, personally.


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love ur style sharky!!
Aye, they are cycling muppets. Drivers see them and tar us all with the same brush.:biggrin:

I have to agree with the others though, I wouldn't be squeezing up between the buses. Even if you know the lights are staying red, you can nevr be sure if a bus will inch forward for some reason. It just isn't worth it to get to the front, IMO.


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The bus squeeze looks rather closer than it actually was in real life, and to be honest I checked the lights phase and decided that I'd sooner get to the front there than be stuck where I was (and with Mr Pavement behind me who'd be in a worse position!).

If there's a gap behind busses there I usually tend to hang back, but there was a car in the way (pesky things those cars!).

I had no idea the woman on the Brommie had squeezed through by the pavement (no idea how she did it, more to the point!) and was quite taken aback when I saw her to my left!
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