What's the Postie brought you today?


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Hmm - track world cup from Hong Kong to watch on demand... I wonder if I can get permission to open my present early? :okay:
Permission granted... Wow, it is a lot better watching on the TV! I was pleasantly surprised to find that Play/Pause/Stop on the TV remote work on Chromecast Eurosport Player, but then disappointed to find that rewind and fast forward do NOT. It is annoying having to either put up with adverts or pick my phone up and navigate coverage with that.


Some winch rope from an internet auction site. It says 4,500LBS breaking strain, but in reality I'd imagine trying to pull a 700C front wheel (no tyre) up the ramp behind my van will see it off.


Bumper day for me: new mobile phone and a bandsaw machine with spare blade and special measuring device for said machine.


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I've ordered a jacket online. I checked to see the 'Thank you for your order' email. The billing address has the correct postcode,but the shipping address doesn't. Will the item reach me, or will it be lost in the post?:unsure:
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