What's the Postie brought you today?


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Absolutely nothing:sad:


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Much to my joy, my new replacement rear light. A Blackburn DayBlazer. Replaces the old Blackburn Mars that I had for many years but on a ride the other day it decided enough was enough and ended it all by throwing itself under a car.
This new one is USB rechargeable; I unpacks it, looks at the instructions........ How bright can it be? Blinded myself by looking directly at it!! Highly recommend if you're after a bright, can be seen in daylight rear light


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What postie didn't bring me today (Thursday) was Cycling Weekly. I will probably get it tomorrow or Saturday [PS Yes - Saturday] but there isn't any pro cycling to report anyway.

If I had thought about it I would have cancelled my subscription a couple of weeks ago before they took out this quarter's payment. I think that I will cancel before the next quarter though. If I miss it when racing eventually resumes, I might go for a digital subscription instead. Save The Trees!
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Postie missing in action past couple of days
So posties can only collect their stuff one by one and no longer allowed to share van. Post being split so same house only likely to get post every second day. After a gap we’ve had the post past two days. It’s coming about an hour to hour half later than during normal times. Many days no postman to be seen.


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24 pairs of gloves.

This isn't a C19 purchase... i wear them for work and the last batch finally ran out.
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