What's your favourite sci-fi series (if any)


Its been the first 2 weeks I've ever had off in summer from work and was so looking forward to it. The first week was great with enjoying my mini cycling tour around Wales, but the second week ive been dogged with a stinking cold so its been a somewhat quiet affair. Going stir crazy at home ive been watching lots a tv and rediscovered my all time favourite sci-fi episodes of Space 1999.
For me this has to be the best "ever watch" back in its day. I think it first hit our screens way back in 1975, and the details of the models and special affects where ground breaking back then. Watching them again now i still found it great to watch. Do you have any favourites from year's gone by.
Don't know about my 'favourite', but in no particular order:

The original Star Trek series (didn't like or watch any of the following series).
Doctor Who, from Christopher Eccelstone onwards.
Blake's 7
Red Dwarf
Gerry Anderson's UFO

And that's about it.


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Blakes 7
Babylon 5
Red Dwarf
The Expanse
Captain Scarlett


Good reading some of these responses reminded me of a few I would have missed.

Doctor who although the most recent series was poor.

I have often thought they should re make Blakes 7 although it may not be as good as I remember.

Quatermass I was reminded off from a post above also really enjoyed.


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Space 1999 was one I watched avidly as a kid.
Dr Who in the early 1970s, excellent stuff, not so much as I aged.
Black Mirror on Netflix, awesome, loved almost every one of the first 6 series.
Star Trek with Shatner et al.
Star Trek, Next Generation was really good.
Star Trek, Enterprise was the last one I enjoyed, i stopped enjoying them after that.

Ooh yes, reading above, Gerry Anderson's UFO ...definitely.
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