What's your favourite Seagal or Van Damme film?

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I'm laid up this week with the virus and have taken to Netflix and Prime to while away the hours that I'm lay here festering.

Last night was Legionnaire, and this afternoon was one where Seagal plays a Russian gangster turned writer who reverts to his old ways when his family are attacked. Can't remember the name of it, or if I've seen it before, that's how memorable it was. 😂

So what do you think should be up next, classics from the 80/90s, or some of the more recent dodgy ones from Eastern Europe?


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For me -- Van Damme - 1. Kickboxer 2. Universal Soldier (for the cheese) 3. Hard target (4. Maybe timecop?? because more cheese) -- None of the sequels he made really lived up to the original movie though.

Seagul is hard to decide because he is the epitome of cheesey action movies. Hes been in so many that its hard to choose.

The Glimmer man, The Patriot, Under siege, The Foreigner.... Ive not seen many of his movies but the ones i have seen all have the same cheesy vibes so i have no doubt if the ones i havent seen are any less cheesy.

Seagul's movies are the typical 'turn your brain off and watch' kind so i dont rank them in any sort of order :laugh:

Van Damme always has been the better actor though and not just because he really knows martial arts compared to Seagul :laugh:


Ah Seagal. A third rate Stallone who uses a pony tail to try to make up for his lack of personality or talent.

Bloodsport is a good film.

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Does anyone think you need to engage brain on van damme vs Seagal? Seriously?! Their type of films only work if you leave your intelligence and critical thought behind. Purely about the escapist time wasting with staged fight scenes. Nothing wrong with that!

Having said that the epitome of that style of pure entertainment film has to be the expendables or the first two die hard films. They're in a totally different class!
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