What's your "go-to" sandwich?

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Tuna mayo and cucumber or tuna mayo and sweetcorn


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Leafy Surrey
My daughter recently discovered focaccia, and likes it so much we persauded her to make it herself; full of sun-dried tomato and olives. She made two yesterday. Think I'll go and cut a slice.

OMG salivating.


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Accra, Ghana
Cheese and pickle but if there's no mousetrap around or other fresh ingredients I break out a tin of sardines and add some sliced tomatoes and pepper.
Mashed up boiled egg with a binder of salad dressing.
Very nostalgic as we had that on long train journeys in the 1940s as there were no catering facilities.

I remember people haveing those sandwiches at school

They were rather well ripe after sitting in a bag against a radiator all morning

one day Brian had some and even he wouldn;t eat them so he lobbed them across the classroom (dunno why we were inside - wasn;t normally allowed)
and they went directly up through a missing ceiling tile and landed somewhere in the dark

wonder if they are still there???
(that was about 1974/5!!!)

Once a Wheeler

…always a wheeler
  1. Slice of Granary bread
  2. Spread with goose fat
  3. Add thick layer of Gorgonzola cheese
  4. Add thick slice of large Spanish onion
  5. Repeat 1–3
  6. Turn one covered slice on to the other
Bliss; but best enjoyed alone or with fellow conoisseurs. Some like to tone down the flavour with a good layer of grated horseradish applied on top of the cheese layer.


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Leafy Surrey
Home cooked ham with sliced tomato( a sprinkle of salt on the tommy) on Warburton's white toastie. Mmmmm

Any sarnie with home cooked ham.
Usually the standard Honey/mustard/cloves flavours... I was banned from using Pine tree honey. Probably best, it smells like something you use to mop toilet floors
Go to with stuff always round the house: cheddar cheese, sliced pickled onions and tomato ketchup.

When stocks allow: Prawns, coarsely grated gorgonzola and mayonnaise.

Never with wholemeal bread.
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