What's your next Audax?


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Amended that for you.
I did wonder about the spare 934.4 metres when I wrote that, but - after a quick glance at the AUK sites it seems that only Audaxes less than 100km ever have a distance that's precise to the kilometre. Above that everything is divisible by 10k. So you do see 52 or 61 km rides, but above 100k it's only 100, 110 etc. It may be one of the rules, I dunno.

So if you want to ride an imperial century and no further, with the maximum amount as part of an Audax event, then you'd have to choose a 160km event and take care of the extra 3,065' 7½" yourself. :smile:


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From what I've seen on the AUK website there is the official distance e.g. 100km; and the actual distance e.g. 102km; so you may not need to do any extra to get to your 100 mile target if entering a 160km audax. Worth checking though.


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I’m tempted by Heart of England for 300 but have same problem with getting to start unless I go night before on train and Travelodge, pain not driving anymore. Most of the time it’s fine but independence thing for audax is annoying
It's a great ride and well worth the inconvenience of a 6 am start time....
Seem to remember some good controls...
All day breakfast at 4 in the afternoon was a highlight as I recall... 😉

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Sarah's YoYo is likely to be my next. Then there's a perm oop north, though my dear friend hasn't told me which one or when yet.


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And how's the forecast for next weekend looking? :sad:
100% finished on Sunday apparently: this image shared:
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Yes, I've just been looking at the Met Office website. It's not looking great so far. There's still time for it to change yet... 🤞


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I've had an email. My audax for this Sunday has been postponed for a second time until 23rd February due to an issue with the venue serving as HQ. It sounds like a nightmare for the organiser, but will probably benefit the riders from looking at the weather forecast for this weekend. Plus it gives me the opportunity to get some extra training in.
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