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All events on Audax UK website have been locked. I saw the following on Facebook, but it's not yet available on the website. I imagine it will appear later today. Check yourselves before cancelling anything.



Following today’s updated guidance from the government, the Audax UK Board has taken the difficult decision to suspend recognition of all calendar, permanent and DIY events, with immediate effect, until further notice.

This means that AUK will not validate any rides undertaken from midnight tonight, 16th March, until the decision is taken to lift the suspension. Anyone undertaking such rides will not be allocated AUK points or AAA points, their rides will not be counted towards Mileater or Randonneur Round the Year awards, and they will not be covered by AUK’s insurance policy while riding.

We appreciate that many members will be working towards our various points-based championships. Given the suspension of events, the points-based championships will be suspended for this season. The Mileater Awards will be frozen at their current state and, while annual totals will be recorded, the mileater championships will be suspended for this year. To ensure that the progress of riders towards The Randonneur Round the Year Award is recognised, validation of qualifying rides for it will be suspended immediately and will restart on the same date as calendar events, perms, and DIYs. RRtY riders who have already ridden their March events will be given due credit; those who have not yet completed a March event will be allowed to, in effect, have their suspension backdated to the end of February so that they are not penalised.

More information for members and specifically for event organisers will follow during the next few days.

We will keep the position under review and inform members of any changes as appropriate.

I would like to thank all the Board members who have contributed to these difficult decisions, and hope that Audax UK, all our members, all our event organisers, and all our supporters are able to return to our normal activities at some point in the future when the outlook for everybody is much better.

Chris Crossland
Chair, Audax UK"
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Its the right decision.
N Somerset
Mad March completed over Exmoor and the Quantocks. Wet (raining more than half the time; glasses off type of rain), cold after the first 30 minutes till late lunchtime, breezy rather than windy, but a little warmer at the end. Pub controls pleased to see us. The route included a flooded road (the River Clyst) with 3km to go, at dusk. I had ridden through there at night when similarly flooded (and spent the next fortnight drying out the bike and servicing the hubs) so about-turned and went the (not very) long way round. Other rode through and some waded through (thigh deep) carrying their bikes. Today (Monday) would have been a brilliant day for the ride: sunny, light winds, flooding cleared (probably).
Efengyl 200 similar weather on Saturday (but no significant fords/floods), we all knew it was going to be the last calendar for us for a while, but it makes sense for AUK to cover itself (insurance etc) and not condone DIYs and Perms as some may then ride as larger groups.

Ajax Bay

East Devon
DIY version of 'Shore to Moor' calendar event (Up the Exe, across to the far side of Dartmoor, over it to the Teign, down to its mouth, and then up the coast and the Exe estuary), starting at a sensible hour, in a small group - of not more than 6 ;)
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