What's your next Audax?

footloose crow

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Cornwall. UK
Three more planned and then see what comes up over the winter. More DIYs I expect.

Sept. A Cornish 100 out of Falmouth. 1400m of uphill. The only Cornish audax this year - apart from the super long ones that simply begin in Cornwall and go elsewhere.
Oct. Up and Down the Blackdown starting near Exeter. 100k and 1100 metres. There is a 200 the same day, same start - trying to persuade myself to give it a go instead of the 100. Perhaps it is already full.....which gives me an excuse. Now I can procrastinate about asking the question.
Nov. Breakfast in Bampton starting near Exeter again. 100k and 1000m. Second time this has run this year as last years was moved to April this year. It is a very pleasant ride.


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Super nice Fondo, great route, great weather and finally found some legs even if i probably didn't eat enough early in the ride:



There was even a nice giveaway at the end, very suitable:okay:


Finally was 225km with 3200m @ 8hrs 18mins
I have the Mellow fruitfulness audax from Hebden Bridge in 2 weeks time. I have done the longer sister event in the past, but I do not have the fitness to do that at the moment, having been injured for the last 4 months.
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