What's your next Audax?

Zoom Audax today. AUK bored
Someone has to do it! We're all grateful really :laugh: :smooch:

[my turn at CTT on Sunday - as you've seen mentioned elsewhere - but hopefully MUCH shorter!]

Ian H

Ancient randonneur
'Breakfast in Bampton' 19 Nov. First ride in Devon for .....a long time. Hopefully I will be allowed across the Tamar.
I'm away for that one, unfortunately.

My next one is a DIY 200 to Ilfracombe, with Sarah & co. I need to be careful or this will become a regular thing.
** reminds me I should actually enter the thing

footloose crow

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Cornwall. UK
Breakfast in Bampton on 19 Nov: the sun came out and it didn't rain. Now I have to wait until March for 'Mad March' for the next calendar event unless I drive to Bristol the night before any calendar event and Madame Crow is not making happy noises about that!


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