What's your tenuous claim to fame?


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You know, your uncle's aunty shagged the singer from Sigue Sigue Sputnik, or something like that...

Well, my mum didn't do that, but she once nursed Alexander Fleming when he had a dicky ticker, and she also nursed David Bowie's brother (schizophrenic, commited suicide in mid -80s).

As for moi, well, Ara Darzi fixed my hernia in 1993! :biggrin:


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I went out with a girl who had a penpal in New Mexico (although they had never actually met) who was the girlfriend of Michael Stipes' (of REM) cousin.

I have also met a few minor pop stars from my student-gig promoting days.


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Fnaar said:
He was in a band called Cornershop. One-hit-wonder-shoe-gazing-indie-types.
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