What's your tenuous claim to fame?


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School with Paul Dickinson.

Not tenuous ebough?

Played Liar Dice with Colin Cowdray's son.

Granny knew Monty of Alemein. Do you want his old phone number?

A member of staff of mine was on the front page of the Daily Wail under the headline "Britain's Jekyll and Hyde"

Come to think of it, a cousin of mine was on the front page of the Dail Wail too.


Christ! That reminds me - some of my mates and I appeared on the front page of the "red tops" when I was a student :biggrin::blush: Not my finest hour. But it did attract letters of support to The Times from old buffers.


I also went to Uni with David Shayler, who was a pompous arse.
And one of my classmates at Uni was shot by a hitman from some Balkan state - turns out he was a political exile and leader/very high up of the opposition to the government. I can't remember the exact details as I was more interested in beer and stuff.


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Ricky Hatton sat next to me a few times at Maine Rd years ago. He wasn't so famous then but when he first sat next to me a few people came up to him and asked for his autograph so I asked who he was and what he did.


Ricky Hatton is a very good darts player.


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I did a live session on Radio ones Friday night rock show with Tommy Vance

I opened my car door and knocked over that semi bald Aussie bloke called Clive?? who used to do the saturday night Clive shows...I forget his surname

I had a drink with Black Sabbath at a London hotel bar

I was on Spanish TV having organised a world record attempt in the 'tow as many ford escorts as possible' competition in Marbella port

I came second in a competition run by Ian Gillan for playing the best guitar solo in Smoke on the Water

Paul Di Anno once bought me a beer at the Royal Standard in Walthamstow just because I was standing next to him

...wow what a life I've lived.


fairly tenuous, but I (well my then housemates) once nearly had aphex twin playing a set in the basement of our house.


also I have briefly met Chris Chittell (Pollard in emmerdale). He was in his cycling gear, he's quite a keen cyclist.
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