Wheel skewers - up or down?


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I'm front parallel with fork, rear parallel with seat stay (ie. up and slightly forward).

Some French guy told me that when I was a youngster, and have stuck with it.

Just makes sense to have the levers in line with the frame, however you like it - no right way or wrong way (just so long as they are tight !)


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Uncle Phil said:
Why would downward-pointing skewer levers be dangerous?

Hi there, the reason it could be dangerous is, The skewer could get knocked down and go in to the spokes of the wheel with the resulting accident/damage. The skewers should be parallel to the fork/chain stays.

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In terms of a clock face, I have the front one at one o'clock or 3 o' clock and the rear at 10 or 11 o'clock as you look at them. I've seen skewers get hooked by other riders when riding in a road race, but this is not applicable to most people.
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