When Did You Learn To Ride A Bike?

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Hey! I'm currently trying to collect some data around what age we learn to ride bikes. With more and more children becoming tech-friendly from a younger age, the number of people who know how to learn to ride a bike is lowered. I want to put together a helpful piece on how we can help our children with the task of riding a bike so we can create those memories that they will remember. The survey takes less than 2/3 minutes to complete. The survey is entirely anonymous because it simply requests general information. Survey Link: https://survey-data.involve.me/when-do-we-learn-to-ride-a-bike-4edf


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Can you say a little about the background to your study - is it for academic, commercial or journalistic purposes? And what led to the contention that:
With more and more children becoming tech-friendly from a younger age, the number of people who know how to learn to ride a bike is lowered
This suggests a causation. Is that the case?
Are children more 'tech-friendly', or is it that the tech is different from what it used to be ... and does that matter? And is there research which backs the claim that fewer people are learning to ride bikes? Is this just in the UK or more broadly?


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Uk focussed, not especially probing questions but at the end is this, yet my email address was never requested nor supplied.
SO - new user and asks for a survey

but when asked what the reason for the survey is they no reply yet

I will wait until the OP gives a reason

but the bike was red if that helps!


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I remember learning to ride a bike, it was red. I was 5. We were having a family gathering so the extended family came outside to watch me, I kept turning too sharply and falling off.
First time my daughter tried to ride with no stabilisers was in a Nation Trust property's car park

she had been muttering about trying it for a while so I kept a relevant spanner in the car boot - the property was closing and we knew the car park is never locked for another couple of hours so when she asked if she could try I took the stabilisers off it and held her tightly while she rode up and down a bit
After a few runs up and down I revealed that on the last 2 runs I hadn;t actually been holding her steady at all as I had said - I was lying and she was doing it by herself
she rode all over the deserted car park for the next hour and never stopped or fell off!!!
Spring of '65. I was seven. Dad taught me. It wasn't long before I crashed, while showing off for Mom...

I'm sure I must have fallen off as a kid but I can;t remember it ever happening
Probably because I just ignored it and carried on - I was never the kind to cut my knee and go crying to Mum

I do remember falling off several times over the last few years - fortunately all at slow speed - normally on a slope and I put my foot down onto thin air!


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1958, summer of. On a scrubby farm road in the wilds of Wales.
Damaged, scraped or bruised most parts of my body.
Then odd adventures until the 80s. Tour in Europe led to serious biking. Doing Belles d'Europe. Anybody remember those?

Retired to the UK and went electric.

The rest is history.


Got my first big bike for Christmas in 1969. My dad had promised my sister and I new bikes if we passed the 11 plus. It then occurred to him that not both of us might pass so mum and dad bought the bikes for Christmas. I still recall riding g mine up and down the hall and being told not to scuff the wallpaper that my dad had just renewed. We'd had smaller bikes passed through the family as cousins outgrew them from around the age of 5. The Christmas was my first brand new bike. The feeling never goes away.
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