When does the British summer actually start?


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It's has been a pretty torrid year. Apart from the few days of sunshine last week it seems as if Wibter never truly let go.
weekend weather looks shite too
low pressure all over uk
does my head in !


I've let the weather get to me this year, which has really messed with my head.

Several reasons -
I've just started a new job and timing was such that I haven't been able to get a summer holiday. First time in about 25 years I haven't had a break in the school holiday.
My cycling time is limited and its difficult if I have time to go and its bucketing down.
I'm trying to do some work visits/ appointments by bike and dont have the whole sweat/ clothes thing cracked yet. Rain makes it doubly difficult - to the point that it looks as though I might have to get a car for work use.

So the worst weather I can remember has coincided with me feeling more grumpy and discombobulated than usual.


It has got me down aswell mate - your not alone. I had to take my car upto Liverpool Street,and kept thinking what a waste as i should have ridden from Paddington!
Still in the process of sorting out a triban 3,with full black mudguards & panniers


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You got soaked as well riding home yesterday?

Absolutely drenched last night and I sheltered for about 40 minutes at Over station to let the worst monsoon part pass. Beautiful double rainbow though, a full unbroken half circle North to South so a pot of gold at each end :laugh:.
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