When is too early to post a thread about Christmas etiquette?!?

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24th December, earliest ! ;)


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My physio had a Christmas tree 🎄 up today.:stop:


Mrs Slick loves Christmas, and to be honest I blame myself. She has always enjoyed admiring all the Christmas displays in people's windows and it seems have started really early this year with some putting up decorations before bonfire night. The previous owner of our house got into a bit of bother with what turned out to be some family members during the independence debacle up here by flying the Union flag, so the flagpole has now been reinstated as a Christmas flag of santa on his reindeer has been purchased and is ready to go up, and its like holding wild horses back trying to get her not to put it up right away. My only hope is we get a gale of wind and it blows away. :okay:
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