Where in Britain would you be happiest

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Another bullplop quiz to keep the brain ticking over


62% South Norfolk for me is the best place to live - scores high on conscientiousness, apparently...51% Newham is my worst place to live and I fit in 54% where I live at the moment (Croydon)...best place near me is Sutton (57%), so watch out @vickster , because I might be hanging my pants out on a line near you, if I follow their advice xx(
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The Shetlands :biggrin:
End of, I'm packing.......


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Best is apparently South Holland ... which I didn't realise was a place in the UK so I assumed it was telling me to leave the UK^_^

Worst is Spelthorne
Best near me is Bath and NE Somerset.
As a place to live, not taking housing prices into account (& buying what I'd want) I'd have difficulty choosing between;

Ilkley (and, I know exactly the house!!)


Hooton Pagnall (a Cotswolds village in, what was, the South Yorkshire coalfield area)

Denby Dale
Upper Denby

However, if it was imply a location to have a house built (if you were allowed), it'd have to be by the River Washburn, down by the pack-horse bridge, in Dob Valley
If I was in the vicinity, I'd detour to go & sit by it
When I had my Landies, there was a right of way (semi-surfaced) that led to it, I'd park near it, with a flask of tea, and my 'Yorkshire Post', just soaking in the atmosphere
On the bikes, I'd just sit for a while


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The Solent, Hants. Although I could be tempted to move to more hillier parts, like the Isle of Man or the Lake District


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Best for me is Lewes xx(
Best near me is Nuneaton. xx(xx(:surrender:
But the worst is NW Leicestershire and strangely I go up there a lot and really like it both for the people and the countryside, plus some great pubs. :crazy:


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Costa Clyde.
Best: Broxtowe, Notts (wtf)
Worst: Corby

And I'm not fecking Neurotic!!!!
They recommend I go and live amongst my fellow neurotics :angry: in Broxtowe too :ohmy:. That's in ENGLAND ffs; I'm not going to live abroad!!

Worst possible for me is Argyll and Bute. Which I can see from the back of my house, and just happens to be where I was born and have lived there for two of the most enjoyable periods of my life :wacko:.

The best place for me near to where I live is Renfrewshire, apparently :laugh:. Aye, haud me back - I've always dreamt of living in Barrhead :stop:.


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I think I would be most happy living right in the centre of London. Somewhere like #1 Hyde Park If I ever win mega-mega bucks on the Euromillions.
I love London, I love the people, I love the buzz.
As it is, I have to make do with suburban hell that is Orpington.
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