Where is cyclebum?



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Hi PaulSB, just found this though you have now found me, thanks for your concern and your support. Still can't believe I've gone and done it and I think it is now going to take me a while to come back down to earth. I really feel like getting out on my bike now but as I was on the go for about 22 hours yesturday, and finally got home about 1.30 this morning, with not much sleep I think I may struggle keep awake, but hopefully tommorrow if it's as nice as it is today then nothing much will stop me.

I had a friend Amanda who was like the mirror of me in experience and ability, no one could understand why the day after it was all over we were itching to go further, and we could have done too! Apparantly there is a section of Hadrian's wall that is a good ride so we are considering doing that together sometime over the summer.
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