Where to get decent t-shirts?


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I have a couple of excellent quality, heavy cotton t-shirts that are between 10 and 15 years old. They're finally wearing out and I need new ones!

Back in the 1990's, it seemed quite easy to go in to a shop and buy an excellent quality, heavy cotton t-shirt that would not shrink or go mis-shapen in the wash. Nowadays, however, it seems impossible to buy anything other than thin, poorly made, poor quality t-shirts that look like old rags after a few washes! For example, one of my old t-shirts is a Nike one - nowadays they just seem to make poor-quality crappy t-shirts like ASDA smartprice ones.

So I'm on a mission to find some good quality heavy t-shirts that will last me another 10 years. Any ideas on where to get them? I'd much rather spend £30 on a t-shirt to last me 10 years than spend less than £10 on one to last me a couple of months!


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Proper Adiddas plain t-shirts are good. Not too pricey either.


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Ringspun and Spy Optic are good quality. I've got a couple of each that have lasted for years; you can hardly see the colour now but the shape's great (unlike mine).


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The last decent T-shirts I bought came from Next.

Thats about 5 years ago though, and I'm still wearing them.... might be different now.


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Shame, i was going to suggest Fruit of the Loom too. I favour them for work, they get bloody dirty, regularly washed week after week, year after year and still hold up ok.
Irrelevent though :smile::smile:


Another vote for GAP, but they're pricey compared to George.

And their manufacturing / sourcing is not considered that ethical


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I have a Taz one on at the moment.. casting my mind back to when it was bought for me by my then Girlfriend brings me to.... 1992.

Still going strong. :biggrin:
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