Where's the crowd's i can hear


Just watching the live football on BBC 1
It's Man United vs West Ham. From the background sounds you would swear it's a full house of football fans cheering them on, but in the stalls there's not a person to be seen.
Very strange to think they've put canned cheering on. Have they actually put loud speakers up in the stadium lol.

cougie uk

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I never watch football but even I know they've been doing this in the absence of real crowds.


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They don't broadcast the crowd noise in the stadium, it's only on TV. If you watch on Sky you get a choice of pretend crowd, or the somehow even more unsettling and eerie (but genuine) sound of 2 or 3 blokes screaming instructions in an empty ground. The former is slightly easier to get along with, to my ear anyway.

There's a bloke who plays the crowd sounds on a mixing desk, hitting certain buttons to generate (hopefully) the right and appropriate sounds at the right time. I gather the game is on a few seconds delay to help that.


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Football is a dreary game. I wrote to FIFA suggesting that concealing a random numner of snipers within the crowds to pick off players at random might improve the spectacle, but only the North Korean's have adopted my idea.

dave r

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On a rugby match I watched last year they were using crowd noise from a football match, now I'm not a football fan and don't watch football, but several members of the family are Coventry City football fans, and I could clearly hear the Coventry fans chanting at times during the rugby match.
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