Which bar/helmet video camera this month?


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Manchester, UK
The one I have. Bit cheaper to stick with it for now than to change it every week. :biggrin:
I have a new cam I bought off of ebay and it takes 2xAAA.I know the battery lasts longer than an hour as I left it on by accident.The big test is tommorow,but I reckon it should manage to film for 2 hours.


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The muvi is great value for money, but if you want a bit more from your camera their are many other options but of course you have to pay.
I have an 8 led torch which also has a camera in the middle...Also managed to set the clock even though my antivirus reports the driver disk has a virus on it.

I ordered the camera the camera off of ebay and it's from China...Just think I can point it at some mug using hi mobile phone and he won't have a clue.:biggrin:

Got the MUVI but I think my new camera torch the battery will last longer as it's a bigger battery,yes I have had it in bits.

Also have a third camera which takes two AA's.(It has a 16gb card in.)


Camera is where the hole is in the middle.If it's light tommorow I will fix it to the fixie in place of another torch.Twenty quid I got it for...9.99 price and the rest as postage.

The torch cam is quite well made,from metal.Don't think it's too waterproof though.Fitted with 8gb sdhc.
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