which bike, less than a grand, no giants


been trying to buy a defy 1 with no look as all the bike shops in the north england have sold out and cannot get more stock from giant (must have been all the good reviews on cyclechat)

tried to build my self a Ribble but without much infomation on thier different frames, not bieng able to test a bike for good fit and so much component choice it blows my mind plus loads of bad reviews on cyclechat going to give them a miss

by chance i came across a shop selling a Bottecchia Duello which looked very well equiped but with very little information on the WWW im unsure how it matches up to bigger bike manufactures

help me buy a bike please, im looking for a pure race with good value for money upto a grand (max i can spend on cycle scheme)

or a shop with a defy 1 in stock with a top tube of around 560mm



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Why don't you buy the defy online? Any giant dealer will honour the warranty


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Cannondale, Cube or Focus are popular choices - where in the North are you and are you restricted to specific retailers?

Halfords aside, the Boadman bikes are always heralded as great vfm

These ones perhaps?

http://www.leisurelakesbikes.com/product/cubepelotonracecompactroadbike2012.aspx?&id=17937 - Ultegra & 105

http://www.leisurelakesbikes.com/product/focusvariado20cpcompactroadbike2012.aspx?&id=18232 - 105 groupset

http://www.leisurelakesbikes.com/product/cannondalecaad85105compactroadbike2012.aspx?&id=17646 - would need to negotiate £50 off

The Boardman option



Why don't you buy the defy online? Any giant dealer will honour the warranty
after calling 10 or so big sellers and being told the same story from them all that they are out of stock and no more arriving i gave up
Don't disregard Ribble based on others experience. Most of the bad reviews relate only to their online service, (FWIW I've never had any issues with it though).

As far as their bikes go they are very well regarded.

As for, 'not being able to test a bike for good fit', you say you're in the North West so just go along to the shop at Walton Summit and have a fitting done, simple.


have you tried winstanleys bikes online
just checked
no defy 1 that i can see
think they have all been sold

to be fair Evans are running out of certain sizes of the caadx 6 and the sales boy states they will not be getting any more

and with Wiggins winning the tour theres going to be a "run on bikes" so im thinking i will wait till next year
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