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  1. Pig

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    Sorry to jump on this thread but same question. I commute on a pinnacle hybrid anywhere between 20-50 miles a week with hills. Not sure I want to go on a full road bike due to road conditions and some of badly surfaced sections leadin got a greenway. How much faster is a cyclo cross to a hybrid wheels? What are the the options?
  2. roadrash

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    I see you just asked on the thread about the Carrera tanneri, I recently sold one exactly the same as ive gone to a recumbent , if I didn't have medical problems I would still have it, I had 35mm tyres on the Carrera and found it not much slower than the road bike I used to have, the bonus being that it is equally capable off road as well, the frame size on the one @biggs682 has for sale is 21.3 inch or 54cm, I'm 5ft 7 and found it ideal, but had barely any seat post showing, I also had to fit a shorter stem, hope this helps
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  3. biggs682

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    At 5ft 10 you are the same size as me and the Carrera i am selling should be spot on size wise for you , are you local enough to come and try it ?
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