Which Cycle Saddle?

Tony Sutton

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Norfolk, UK
Hi all,

I have a saddle on my bike that is many years old and is very hard to sit down. It looks like there used to be a foam in there but it seems to be squashed down, and is not very comfortable to sit on after 4 miles.

Can anyone recommend me a good saddle to fit on my MTB that is suitable for someone who has not riden very much but prefers to sit on something comfortable for more than 5 miles bike ride?

And... that it has to be from Halfords as I have a £20 gift voucher to spend on.

Saddles are a very personal matter TBH.

What one person loves another will hate.

For that reason a lot of people won't even give saddle recommendations.

I will say that lots of people rave about the Charge Spoon saddle. I had one myself though and I took a while to get used to it, and even then I only ever thought it was OK, I could never see what all the hype was about TBH.

One if the CC'ers operates a saddle library, where you 'rent' saddles to test them out, that may be an option for you see what suits you, check it out here:

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