Which hybrid between these two Trek?


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Hi people,
I would like to make a purchase in the next couple of days.
I need a hybrid bike to commute to work (slightly more than 5 miles each way) + the occasional weekend ride. Given the rainy weather, I would like to get one which comes already with mudguards and chain guard (though these tend to look less sexy than other bikes).
Budget is around 250-300£. Would only go above this if it was really needed.

Which one would you recommend between these three:
Trek T10 (http://www.evanscycles.com/products/trek/t10-2011-hybrid-bike-ec001493#reviews)
Trek T30 (http://www.evanscycles.com/products/trek/t30-2011-hybrid-bike-ec001494)
Apollo highway Trekking (http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_76395_langId_-1_categoryId_165534)

Many thanks.
The Apollo link isn't working, which probably isn't a bad thing IMO Treks are better bikes. I like the look of the T10 being more streamlined but it has a steel frame so it may not be the lightest (very similar to my first bike). I've hired the T30 in the past (for a bike Holiday) and if bike hire/holiday companies are using them they must be pretty robust. I see they both have Revo (grip) shifters, personally I'd be looking for something with trigger shifters and a bit narrower tyred and lighter but of the two treks there's not much in it but a test ride may highlight differences better.


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The T10 at least looks quite heavy, more so than a bike with suspension forks, T30 looks quite nice to me.

You're really limiting your choices though by wanting mudguards already on it, a lot of hybrids have mudguard fittings and a decent set is only about £25. Id imagine most bike shops would fit them free if youre buying a bike from them. Im not sure of the need for the full chain guard either, my bike only has a plastic guard on the front chainrings and ive never had a problem with getting oil on my trousers, just tuck them into socks, unless maybe youre a woman wearing a long skirt then i wouldnt know :smile:

Also worth mentioning what portion of your riding is on what kind of surface. Roads, cyclepaths, light trails, muddy offroad etc.

Welcome :biggrin:


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Thank you both.
99% of my riding will be on cyclepaths, where available here in London, or just standard roads.

What other bikes would you recommend (even ones that do not come with mudguards)?
What about this one? http://www.evanscycles.com/products/pinnacle/lithium-one-2012-hybrid-bike-ec035870

PS how narrow should the tyres be? what size? To have a good compromise between speed and stability

PPS the other one I was looking at is this one:


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SE London
Have you checked out Decathlon if there is one near you? They have their own brand bikes 'bTwin' which are brilliant value for the specs. You can have a look online at their range but best to go to a store to try them out.


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I am now looking at something a bit more expensive... the Pinnacle Neon One 2012, at 350£.
It has very narrow tyres (2.8) which I like and only 7 gears. Looks very sporty.

Otherwise the above mentioned:
Pinnacle Lithium One at 300£

Pinnacle Lithium Two at 350£
(nice specs, but I am afraid it could be an easier target for thieves than the other ones)

Other than the looks, are the above really better than the Treck T10:


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Balls, lost my reply.

Anyway Pinnacles look better, but first one has limited range of gears and the Lithiums dont have a chainguard which might be an issue for you.

Only in one size but maybe something like http://www.evanscycles.com/products/trek/71-fx-2011-hybrid-bike-ec025531 looks similar to the other Treks, but better headset, alu frame, trigger shifters, chainguards, decent range of gears and eyelets for mudguards. Another one size left discounted bike might be worth looking at http://www.evanscycles.com/products/pinnacle/borealis-30-2010-hybrid-bike-ec021935#features


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For some reason I am torn between two different ones: Pinnacle Neon One or Trek T10.
The former is just a sexy bike with nice specs, but feels more like a toy, hence a bit of an impulsive purchase. Plus I would not feel confortable leaving it parked outside a store.
I also do not know if the tyres/rims are too narrow / I have read that they can easily be dented with pot holes.

The Trek T10 looks dull and easygoing. But more of a real commuter. A confy bike that thiefs out there would not be too into. But at the same time does not excite me much...

Grrr decisions decisions

PS thanks for recommending the 7.1 FX, but it does not appeal to me lookwise...
Out of the ones linked to for slightly more than 5 miles + leisure I'd prefer the Neon one its better specced (particularly trigger as opposed to Revo (Grip) shifters) and its single chainring means less maintenance and its wide cassette means it'll get up any climb, where it might lose out is on top end speed downhill. Its narrower tyres will also be lighter/ faster; plenty of folk have narrower tyres without a robustness problem. Security wise buy a good DLock and you won't have a problem, besides the Trek would go just as fast most thiefs are just after scoring a quick deal/ sale/ drug fix and are not concerned about the looks in fact it could be argued they are more likely to take a less notable bike that'll be easier to sell on harder for the owner to trace (less comeback).


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A quick visit to the bike store did not shed any light on my decision.
The only thing I could conclude is that the tyres of the Pinnacle Neon One are way too narrow (they had a Neon Three on display).
I was on the other hand positively impressed with a Trek 7.0 Fx 2012:

So now it's between the one above and the Pinnacle lithium one 2012:

Same price (300), but the lithium one comes with 50 pound voucher...

The Trek looks a bit better in my opinion, but maybe it was just the colour that they had available at the store (the pinnacle was in white, which makes it look very cheap)


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Its hard to guess what you do and dont like, since you liked the 2012 7.0 FX in the shop, but didnt like the 2011 7.1 FX i linked yesterday :smile: Id also have a look at this one, same as the one in the shop just slight higher spec http://www.evanscycles.com/products/trek/trek-71-fx-2012-hybrid-bike-ec031937 It looks like the 2013 7.1 FX is out too so i dont know if there will be some price reductions on the 2012 stuff soon.

Keep in mind that some parts like tyres, mudguards, saddles etc are cheap and easy to replace at some point in the future or as a matter of course, but some other parts arent economical to replace/upgrade imho.
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