which key search words would you use to book a cycling holiday?


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I'm trying to do the SEO thing on my site.
I want to put the right key words in the right places.

I have lots of my own, but more important to me would be what real cyclists would tap into google if they were searching for a cycling holiday abroad for themselves, thier club/group & thier families.

So what phrases might you use?

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I used to own a cycling holiday company and it was a lot of work to be number one in google for the term "cycling holidays". I sold the company because it was too big and I did not want to take on staff and an office to run it. Sadly the new owners have neglected the SEO of the site and it is slipping down the rankings - they will probably be on page two soon. The reason I say this is because it is a constant effort to keep your site at page one of google.
Go for specific keywords first, e.g. "Cycling in Cyprus", then try for more generic terms such as "cycling holidays"
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I think it also depends on what type of cycling holiday you are looking for. " Cycling holiday" covers a lot of areas.

I find "cycling in Majorca" Cycling in Italy" helps.

Organizing your own cycling holiday is not difficult and you can tailor it to exactly what you need without paying the middle man.

I have never been on an organised holiday as we use touring bikes and not road bikes and like to ride 70 plus Kms a day. All the organised ones seem to have very short days. Unless I am looking at the wrong ones.
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