Which of these hybrids for £300?


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Hi All,

I'm taking a friend, who has asked me to help her buy a bike, to a large Evans store tomorrow where they have the following in stock. I'm no proven expert but I ride plenty and have a couple of good road and mtb bikes. I've not really gone through the componentry lists but enough to see it's not the groupsets that I know better - such as Veloce, Mirage, 105 - but then you would expect that at this price level. Her budget is approx £300. I've seen a couple of good reviews of the Scott on the Evans website.

Does anyone have any experience of them or knowledge they can share? Purely on brand I would go for the Scott or Spesh first followed by the Globe (though their hybrid / urban bikes look pretty good) and for some reason the Pinnacle last.

Pinnacle Stratus 2.0 2010 Hybrid Bike


Scott Sportster P6 2010 Hybrid Bike


Globe Vienna 1 2010 Hybrid Bike


Specialized Crosstrail 2010 Hybrid Bike



I'd advise her to buy the one that she likes and the one that fits her best.

At £300 they will all work, but if it doesn't feel right to her then she'll hate it even if it's got a better spec than Lance's new wheels.


I'm pretty sure the Globe is a specialized sub-brand. Pinnacle is Evans own brand and might be a little better value. At that price, the bikes are going to be near identical (alu, shimano etc) and probably even made at the same factories. The Crosstrail with front suspension is going to mean the other components are comparatively lower quality compared to the bikes with rigid forks.

Evans have an online warehouse sale on at the mo. It will be worth making sure the shop will match the sale and if not, find the bike you want in the shop and order it online.

Just test all the bikes you can at that price.
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