Which Tektro blocks are on Triban 540 road bike as standard?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by night cycler, 19 May 2018.

  1. The Tektro brake blocks fitted as standard to the Triban 540 perform silent braking.

    I want to fit identical ones on to my other bike. There does not appear to be any numbers on the Tektro blocks but I have not removed them. Anyone know?
  2. Is this review correct:



    Then it looks like standard shimano type road bike brake inserts. I would bin the Tektro ones though if they are worn out and upgrade to something like Koolstop.
  3. OP
    night cycler

    night cycler Veteran

    The brake blocks are Tektro-they are silent braking.

    I want to replace the Salmon Koolstops that I have on my other bike-they squeel really loud-it hurts my ears.

    Have got same wheels on both bikes. I phoned Decathlon but they don't appear to sell the identical replacements brake blocks. I wish I could identify a supplier.
  4. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

  5. OP
    night cycler

    night cycler Veteran

    Thanks Vickster.
    I've just removed one to see if there is any reference No on it, and discovered that they are are chewing my rims up.

    There are tiny particles of aluminium embedded in the rubber. These particles then become abrasive on the wheel rims scoring ridges around as the brakes are applied.

    This was exactly the same reason why I fitted Salmon Koolstops on the ROSE bike.

    So at the moment it is either put up with squeeling brakes that don't cause damage, or have silent brakes that chew the rims up.

    I'm starting to wonder if there are any issues with Mavic Aksium wheels?? Maybe it happens with other brands of wheels if certain types of rubber blocks are used.

    I wish I could identify some blocks that are quiet that don't damage the rims.
  6. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    I've done 4K mostly dry miles on what I assume are stock Shimano pads, no squeal or damage to rims. I keep the rims clean
  7. pawl

    pawl Veteran

    I use Shimano blocks on my three bikes.

    Two have Mavic wheels and one Shimano
  8. OP
    night cycler

    night cycler Veteran

    The Rose bike was full Shinano 105 so I am assuming that would include the brake blocks too, which caused the issue on that bike.

    Never had a bike with pads as in disc brakes. Only had conventional brakes.

    Not sure what the fix is. There are some green Koolstops available. I made a note of them on another device. It's a bit trial & error.
  9. Doesn't sound like they are set up right or are contaminated my Koolstops are silent :-/
  10. OP
    night cycler

    night cycler Veteran

    Which blocks have you got from the Koolstop range?
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