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Right, since joining this site, nearly two years ago, I have bought two bikes. A sirrus, which was too small and I have got rid off. A Trek 7.3FX which has the guards, rack and panniers but is a bit heavy although an excellent commuter. I was thinking about a mtb as I live by the South Downs Way but was also thinking of a cheapie road bike, (virtuoso). I would prob spend about £500 and might go for a cross but would that suit the purpose sdw and road. Could spend a bit more if I have to. Any suggestions and answers welcome!


There's a big difference between an ATB and a road bike.

What will you use this 3rd bike for?

If your hybrid is heavy, the ATB is likely to be heavier. A road bike will be lighter, but you need to decide if your riding is all on tarmac.

It'll be easier for you to make your choice once you have a clear idea what you want from your 3rd bike and what it'll do that your Trek doesn't.


In which case you don't need a third bike.

Your hybrid will/should do both well. I use my hybrid for road commuting and for light trails with the kids.

But if you've got to burn your dosh and don't need the extra speed, then an ATB will offer more flexibility than a road bike.

Don't think you can go wrong with any of the big brands - Trek, Kona, Giant, Specialised, Merida et al.
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