Who are cyclists?


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At work today (bus driver) I decided to make a mental note of who actually cycles. It surprised me that very, very few were what I would describe as a cyclist, or least cycle enthusiast. Only saw one (among hundreds) in lycra with helmet, single figures in hi vis (those that were, likely work issue and wearing for work rather than safety), most without helmets and only one female. I saw only a handful if hybrids and one road bike. Vast majority were mtb users in civvies, and kids on bmx. This was Redditch. How does your town compare, and who are"cyclists"?


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At commuting times, theres mostly high vis guys on mtbs, a few tourers with panniers and a few lycra roadies. Quite a lot more lycra roadies and hybrid leisure riders at weekends and evenings though.

Yesterday did a 15 mile route and only saw a happy beared guy on an old racer smoking while riding and a couple on a tandem.

I suspect a lot of regular commuters might have a knackered looking mtb with slicks for leaving locked up all day.
Mostly cyclists based on your specifics.
Mtbs but proper hi-vis jackets and lycra clad roadies and mostly wearing helmets.
Even the guy we ride past every evening in his suit has a helmet and hi-vis sash on.


On my mile to work and back the cyclists I see are usually teenagers on mtb's or older gents on traditional looking "racers"
If I go down the cycle path I pass factory workers who tend to be on bso's and family cyclists, often on halford's own!
When I venture out towards Scotland -and criss cross the marked cycle routes I see a lot more lycra clad -mamil's we call them at work (middle aged men in lycra!) on top end bianchis and Giants.
I do see a lot more men than women cycling, but there are a few female students who waft around on step-throughs with baskets.

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All sorts here in Glasgow: lots of girls too, lately.
I thought there was hardly anybody cycling in my bit (outskirts of town) but had a few days off recently, saw quite a few cyclists, even in the pouring rain.


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Redditch isn't known for its cycle friendly road layout, though.


We had a thread on here a while back about 'proper' cyclists. The consensus was that you were a proper cyclist if you had long hair and a beard, rode in Ron Hill tights, had mudguards with a flap, two panniers and cycled like you had somewhere to go.

Everybody else fitted into: 1) wannabe Bradley Wiggin, 2) a MAMIL or 3) the builder who couldn't afford a car.



I see everything from the Lycra clad helmeted and panniered to the council workers in work issue hi-vis trousers and jackets to the Morrissons bag tied on the handlebars of a BMX YTS looking youths. All deserve to be on the road but some just have to be overtaken. If I can hear their bike creaking through lack of love and attention I try to pass them just to feel better myself! I am a helmet wearing rack and pannier, 5 Day A Week all weather commuter, only because I have facilities to change and an eleven mile each way commute. Gez
We are all cyclists. I know what the OP has in mind, but we are all people on bicycles; we are thus all cyclists.

I often wear lycra, but not always.
I am an enthusiastic driver and I adore cars. I love motorcycles too, but no longer ride one.
I used to drive a lorry and was a cyclist even when I did that.
I do not get angry about mobile-phone use, helmets, HGVs, cycle lanes, shared-use paths....
I do not own any team kit and do not dream of electronic gearchanges.
I have a fixie with DIY bullhorns, but am too old and fat to be a fakenger or a hipster.
I rarely wear a helmet, but I love to wind up riders and non-riders on both sides of the debate who take the whole helmet thing terribly seriously.
I haven't undergone training since childhood and would never seriously be able to state that I am a 'cycling advocate' or some such other silliness.

I see the roads as one big happy family of road users, with the occasional blast of road rage from a driver or strange, shouty lecture on road tax from a cyclist with no perception of how much of a fool he looks and sounds.

One or more of those statements may make me anything but a cyclist in the eyes of some, but I'm happy to bimble along and keep enjoying it.
I'm not the fastest or the slowest, the wisest or most foolish.
I wear a helmet at all times and Lycra most times apart from family rides when I wear baggies over the shorts.
I like my bikes and the sheer enjoyment of cycling.

I don't like pain when cycling or really steep/overlong hills that hurt.
I don't like idiot/inconsiderate/clueless drivers/peds/dogwalkers/bus drivers/cyclists etc
I like my bikes and the sheer enjoyment of cycling.

I love the sun, don't mind the rain, find ice and snow fun and hate the wind
I like my bikes and the sheer enjoyment of cycling.

Basically, I like my bikes and the sheer enjoyment of cycling.

At 46 year old it totally changed my life - literally.
Cycling makes me happier, fitter, poorer and more contented than ever.
I like my bikes and the sheer enjoyment of cycling.


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I pass 2 or 3 every morning going to work. I see around 9 or 10 on an average commute in. Most, I suspect are only doing 1 or 2 miles (around Doncaster TC.) I wear lycra, but then I ride over 12 miles, so it's pretty essential if you want to arrive in comfort.
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