Who Does The Best Weather Predictions?


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I cycle to work four days per week and visit my Dad 30 miles away once a week after work in my car.

I look at the weather at the start of the week and choose the worst day weather wise for my visit to my Dad.

The conditions I avoid are headwinds above 40mph and minus temperatures (I cycle on ungritted roads).

However, in order to be able to cherry pick my days in advance, I need good weather info.

Any thoughts on the best sources?


I think it can depend on exactly what information you are looking for but I use XC weather which some have disregarded but I find it to be very accurate although I suspect that to be true the closer to the coast you are. :okay:


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https://www.yr.no/en seems better than most, but nothing will be perfect five days ahead.
As it happens, most weeks I do the Dad visit on a Friday having chanced it for the rest of the week.

Last week though, Monday was a non cycling day due to the crazy strong overnight winds and rain. I made the right call as well because there was a deep flood on one of my cycling roads due to a blocked culvert.

Going by this weeks BBC local forecast, I'm also giving tomorrow a miss due to a 40mph headwind at home time.

Or maybe not?



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https://www.yr.no/en seems better than most, but nothing will be perfect five days ahead.
+1 Yr.no is the most accurate forecasting I have found, and we use a link to them on our company intranet now (at my suggestion), for planning of weather-dependent events. It was suggested to me by a Cambridge climatologist who uses it routinely for work, which is a good enough recommendation for me. Plus, the little meteogram graphs are dinky.

('Yr' is, apparently, the Norwegian for that kind of cold, clammy frost that cyclists don't like much.)

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I love the Yr app. graphic as you scroll through the day. But for some reason it ALWAYS drastically underestimates the wind strength. Based on last two years using it to predict weather for golf - mostly coastal.

BBC are currently whipping boys for all sorts of sins, but their predictions seem sound(ish) and more accurate on wind.

PS I heard a debate on this on R4 Today and learned that on these sites the percentage prediction for rain refers to "in the hour leading upto...." NOT the percentage likelihood at that precise hour.

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I've used Yr and have found it accurate. Currently using the Met Office app which I find very accurate. The Met Office app seems to update more frequently than others, I've observed it change while I have the app open on several occasions.

I used to be a strong supporter of the BBC forecast but since it stopped using Met Office data the forecast quality has dipped significantly. Several friends have observed the same thing.

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Here we have our own weather computer model, as well as the European computer model. In times when the weather is stable, the US model works best, and in times of weather transitioning between seasons, the European model works best.


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If the winds are +40mph (head) then go sailing, no way i'd be on a bike in that:ohmy:

I used to use Radar Weather for rain but that's only forecasting the next few hours, although extremely accurately, (take a jacket or not sort of decision).

Must admit that i watch the weather forecast across the week to know what my weekend will end like: A) on the road, B) on the MTB in the mud of C) indoor trainer:sad:

Cold i can manage but rain and wind:stop:


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I use WeaWow and select the NorMet data source. That is consistently the most reliable and accurate I have ever used.
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