Who has the jersey ?


Where can I get one? I can see anywhere here.
This thread is about some particular jerseys.
There are some very old CC jerseys that CC members have signed, which are gradually, actually very gradually travelling round the country, being passed on to other members but only by cycling!

There might be another kit order one day if there was enough interest.


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Well I think it's been gathering dust in my home for long enough, so who wants it???
It needs to go north I'm informed and so for me that means Chorley or somewhere in that vicinity and I'm now strong enough to make that trip. I can only do it on week days though.
Any takers?
I've only dropped in here by chance. I'm in Chorley if you want to pass it on.........


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My preferred route in that direction is along the Leeds&Liverpool Canal but happy to take the main roads too.
Is there anywhere you'd want to meet up?
As it happens I live on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal!! Not in a boat but my village stands on its banks.

Where we meet depends on which direction you are coming from. I'm at bridge 88 on the Blackburn side of Chorley. I can meet anywhere really but I don't have a suitable bike for the towpath so I'd use roads to get to the point you would like to meet at.

Do you know the Village Tea Room in Lower Wheelton? Half a mile off canal at Top Lock. We could have a coffee

This would be easy for me so in fairness we should perhaps meet halfway?
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Carbon fibre... LMAO!!!
Okie dokie. Make sure you wear your best make up coz I have to take a pic of you holding the Jersey and put it on this thread. Jersey rules I'm told.
I'll be wearing a bright blue jacket.
See ya later alligator.
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