Who here is a musician?


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I'm not a bad singer... listen..."la la la la la la..huh! take it to the bridge"


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well I was thinking of doing the guitar meeself...but therte's always room for 6 more strings. I should also have asked who here also has some kind of recording gear capable of producing a simple wav file as we'd need to exchange files and line them all up etc
I have six instruments, none of which I can play (yet) ;):blush:.
I used to play the drums and bugle in the Boys' Brigade, but really really want/have to learn to play the banjo!
Rhythm Thief! What was the name of that 'teach-yourself-banjo' book you mentioned once? I'll have to look out for it.


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I can play the fool only too well.
Been playing the piano since the tender age of 2, and also a percussionist with perfect pitch, if there can be such a thing! I was also a techno DJ ... I'm a bit of a frustrated musician as it happens, have played music most of my life, and am thinking of reinventing myself as a folkie, but I'm not sure what instrument to learn yet. My brother is a pro french horn player, and my dad is a good singer, so it runs in the family...
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