Why am I so lacking in motivation?


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Due to unused leave at work, I have had quite a few days off over Christmas. I had all sorts of plans, had intended to cycle loads but apart from a leisurely 30 miler on Christmas day and few short utility rides, I haven't, mainly because I couldn't be bothered.

The old steel MTB i had re-configured with 8 speed hub gear and front dynohub is still waiting for me to fit the new saddle I had bought for it. The self-adjust mechanism on the back brakes on my car isn't self-adjusting properly and I had meant to take the drums off and free them out but I haven't. I had planned a little walking holiday over NY for myself but decided against it as I couldn't be bothered. My house and garage are in a mess. I did actually get an invite to a party tonight but didn't feel like it.

I'm bored with sitting around but there are loads of things I could and should be doing with my time but I just can't seem to motivate myself at the moment. I know my mood has been a little up and down recently but even in my darkest, most depressed days, I would throw myself completely into any chosen activity whereas now I can't seem to do that. I know I would enjoy a bike ride if I actually went on one. Pottering about in the garage has always been one of my favourite hobbies yet I can't seem to work up motivation. I put the car in the garage earlier today and that is as far as I've got with my brake overhaul :sad:


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Dont worry you are not on your own.


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Here too. I've been riding but not playing as much guitar as I really could have done. I've not lost my riding mojo, just my playing mojo.


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Things planned and not done over the past ten days of holiday:

  1. Make a pork pie
  2. Make a steak and kidney pie
  3. Build a 7mm scale Iron Mink
  4. Assemble a 7mm scale Peckett 0-4-0 locomotive kit
  5. Pump up the tyres on my Chimera
  6. Finish a 22" span free flight profile Spitfire
  7. Try out my compressor and artists air brush
  8. Finish reading 'A Confedearacy of Dunces'
  9. Have an incendiary event or two.
  10. Start up my Lister D stationary engine
  11. Get very drunk
  12. Finish the Daily Telegraph General Knowledge Crossword from last Saturday

Things planned and done over the past ten days:

  1. Learn how to control a stepper motor
  2. Make a birthday pie for a friend in Darlington
  3. Go fatter
All in all I've enjoyed the inactivity.


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You've had a break and your mind's gone "ooh, I need this ...", so you've slowed down.

That's fine; it's your mind telling you your body needs a rest.


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At least it's not just me then. Just unusual and it bothers me as I have always been of the keep busy school of thought and sitting around doing nothing much has never been my style.
At least it's not just me then. Just unusual and it bothers me as I have always been of the keep busy school of thought and sitting around doing nothing much has never been my style.
Tosh weather, cold temperatures, short (but getting longer now) days, often leave me feeling like doing bugger all as well, at this time of year. I've forced myself at 'virtual gunpoint' to do what I needed to do, and as far as the rides are concerned anyway, after the first couple of miles, they've been fine. Getting the motivation to do the initial miles, was the issue.


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I am like this Dec-Feb, SAD is poo, but easily sorted. :thumbsup:

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