Why are dog poo bags bigger than nappy sacks


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What’s wrong with Tesco nappy sacks?
Assume it’s because it’s easy to get your whole hand and wrist in them to pick up the sh£t from the ground then turn it inside out where as with nappy bags it’s a cleaner 2 handed job where you drop the nappy in at the correct angle


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I buy nappy bags to pick up my dogs crap because they are cheaper than dog poo bags. But they wouldn't be big enough for a large dog.


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I used to buy Sainsbury's nappy bags, but since I can't get in Sainsbury's I bought 500 biodegradable dog poo bags on Ebay, at an average of 4 poo's a day that should last a few months!


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I don't buy poo bags anymore, I just use the ones provided by the Council for waste food. They work just as well and at least I get some value from my extortionate Council Tax. :okay:


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I ordered some dog poo bags off Amazon after reading the reviews on how good they were, I am very dubious, each time I use one it feels like my fingers & going to go straight through!
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