Why didnt they follow it up ?

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While the music theme seems popular...one hit wonders where the artist dissapeared off the face of the earth !!!

For me the early 80s hit 'Oh Superman' by Laurie Anderson.

It was by far the most haunting of the electronic era, depicting an industrial future where 'mother' was the industrial system itself (you can tell i know it word by word :biggrin: )

And then.....nothing.

Actually she did, but it did nothing for me (or anyone else, chart wise)


Joe Dolce- shaddap you face.

Coat already got and ive gone.


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South Beds.
Was Tony de Vit a one hit wonder?
He did 'If I can't have you, I don't want nobody baby'....what a load of old tosh that was...:biggrin:


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alecstilleyedye said:
jilted john. funny thing was that the comedian who played jj and the bloke who played gordon on stage later fell out over a woman. life imitating art methinks.

Awesome record....:biggrin:


In the correct mood I love this tune..its so future...

Gonna have to try and get this (free of course) off the net..:biggrin:

Rah Band -Clouds across the Moon

"Good evening. This is the intergalactic operator. Can I help you?"
"Yes. I'm trying to reach flight commander P.R. Johnson, on Mars, flight 2-4-7"
"Very well, hold on please [beeping]. Your through!"
"Thank you operator!"

Hiya darlin' ! How are you doing ?
Hey baby, were you sleeping ?
Oh I'm sorry, but I've been really missing you !

Hi darlin' ! How's the weather?
Saybaby, is that cold better now ?
Oh I'm sorry, is there someone there with you??

Ooooh...since you went away, there's nothing goin' right !
I just can't sleep alone at night... I'm not ashamed to say
I badly need a friend...or it's the end.

Now, when I look at the cloud's across the moon.
Here in the night I just hope and pray that soon.
Oh baby, you'll hurry home to me.

Hi darlin', the kids say they love you.
Hey baby, is everything fine with you?
Please forgive me, but I'm trying not to cry...

Ooooh...I've had a million different offers on the phone.
But I just stay right here at home.
I don't think that I can take it anymore this crazy war.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation, but we are
experiencing violent storm conditions in the asteroid belt at this
time. We may lose this valuable deep space communication link.
Please, be as brief as possible.
Thank you."

or it's...or it's..."Hello?" "Hello operator?"
" Yes, ive seemed to have lost the connection! Could you try again please?"
-"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we've lost contact with Mars 2-4-7
at this time."

"Ok. Well thank you very much...
I'll...I'll try again next year...next year...next year...next year..."

There's never been such an excellent example of the craft of the classic songwriter. Neither has there been such a song that everyone can relate to so easily.

Elmer Fudd

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yenrod said:
In the correct mood I love this tune..its so future...

Gonna have to try and get this (free of course) off the net..:biggrin:

Try Limewire, I just got a load of hits for it.

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Kirton, Devon.
What was that all about then?
"Coming" apparently...the look on a mans face as he shoots his load!

The Vapours were managed by Paul Weller's dad...Mmmm maybe that's why they sank without trace...

Great song though. Same era as another truly great one-hit-wonders "Echo Beach" by Martha and the Muffins. Fantastic.


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99 Red Balloons by Nena does sound really dated now with those keyboards.

Unlike Brilliant Mind and Echo Beach which are both brilliant and still sound great today.
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