Wibmer's Law-Fabio's got skills


Terrific ! - do stick around for the outtakes
Now where was that filmed ?
booze and cake

booze and cake

probably out cycling
Looking at those mountains at the end its definitely north of Watford, Austria somewhere apparently. There is a behind the scenes film with some out takes on You Tube too, but I've not watched it.

Edit: beaten to it,see above.


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Starts in Vienna

Well done @booze and cake for posting a video I watched all the way through!

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_TGosXdLTk
You should check out his videos on YouTube, it’s not really my thing but you can’t help but admire his talents


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I still love the original Danny McCaskill video shot in Edinburgh because you see the reactions of passers-by. The music by Band of Horses is pretty good too.
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