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By chance I discovered today that the TREK Emonda will take 32mm tyres as opposed to the supplied 28mm. The ride seemed fine and there is plenty of clearance around the frame. The bike has disc brakes so tyre limitations arise with from frame dimensions not the brake calipers.

Is there any reason not to big up?


No. I run 32's on my Genesis Datum and it's super smooth. :thumbsup:

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32s on my commuter, they are the biggest I can squeeze in with mudguards. My bestest carbon bike that comes out on special days and fast rides has 35s because it has more room.

Have run smaller tyres in the past and can't think of a downside to going bigger.


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I was looking at the clearances on my old CAAD5 recently (<- see my current (Apr 2019) avatar) and reckon that I could get a 28 on the front but would probably need to stick to a 25 at the back. I have a spare 25 for the back but might buy a 28 for the front when I buy a replacement tyre later in the year.


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I have both 32's and 38's for my bike. The 32's are a little faster but only because they're more supple and lighter due to a thinner casing.
The 38's are my usual because they're a bit tougher and gripper which helps as I don't stay on tarmac if I can help it.

I found when I was running 700c wheels that my 37c Voyager Hypers ran quicker than my 32c Voyager Hypers.


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32" & 38" wide tyres seem very extreme, I only use 1.75" on my bike.
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