Wilier Izourd Frame and Forks

Sorry if thi s question makes me seem a bit thich but I have been looking at this frame set on S E James site
and I just cannot see how you connect the bars because it looks like the forks terminate at the height of the Top Tube. Having bikes with a quill stem and the A Head system I thought I knew but on these frame sets is there a special Head Set you have to attach.


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Pretty sure that the image has been cropped - note the top of the seatpost too - cut off at an angle. I don't think that the frame you would buy would be sliced off in this way!
Don't worry - the frame would be supplied with an uncut fork steerer - and full seatpost!


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Don't worry Hondated, it will all go together. By the time you've bought a £1400 frame and components to do it justice, you won't be worrying how to get it together, just how to pay the credit card bill!



your so right. To try and save cost I am hoping to transfer the parts over from my Bianchi ML3 but to be honest I am hesitating doing this because although far less sexier I also want to either get a new Tourer or at least a touring Frame.

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