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has anyone bought anything from wilkos for there bike? and did u like the quality for the prices?

looks a good range for riders who are on a budget just like myself ;) last week I got a nice black bottle holder only £2.99 I think it was, and today I got. a head lid for only £9 lol I know it's not exactly breakin the bank but sure it will do for me startin out ;)

don't fancy shelling out for expensive accessories only to go on me cheap halfords bike haha :0


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I've used some bits previously; their water bottles (now lost) and puncture patches.


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Really cheap, expanding saddle bag - still going strong after a lot of use.
Set of hex keys - for a quid in a diy clearance
Several inner tubes - used to be made by Kenda, not sure if they still are

The only bad purchase I've had from there is a pair of bottle cages, both of which broke very quickly.


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Was having a browse at them the other day. Seem ok for the money. I noticed the locks were not up to much though so make sure you stay away from them ;)


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I stopped buying the inner tubes from wilko about 4 years ago as they had a habit of splitting at the valve... no idea what they're like these days.

Have always bought gear and brake cables from them with no problem.

current brake blocks are from wilko, they seem to be wearing out quick but for the price they're ok i guess.


I use their bicycle oil - made by Weldtite - for the kids chains and the chain on my hack bike.

I use their gear and brake cables for these bikes too.


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they do seem to have a good range in mind next time I'm in I need to get an all in one tool kit of alin keys ect to go in my saddle bag as surprise surprise my all in one from work (Poundland) broke on me tryin to fix me new bottle cage on haha :biggrin:

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After wondering why I paid so much for Finish Line wet lube I started using Wilkinson's bike lube. It costs not much more than a quid I think. I certainly cannot tell any difference at all with my chain wear for less than a 1/3 of the price. I also use their puncture repair outfits.
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