Wind - Its been a hard week

Can't remember a week where the wind has been so bad, and its been every day, so I am glad its Friday, and I am hanging up the wheels till Monday, plus a coach driver has the cheek to indicate to me I should be on the cycle path, to which I smiled at him, and gave him the two fingers, not very grown up, but its Friday and he deserved it !

have a nice weekend all, lets hope for better weather next week !


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Tough week for sure,yesterday was the worst for me,straight into a headwind most of the way home.Don't care what it does next week as I'm on holiday


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I've found it quite enjoyable in a masochistic way. Slow struggle into work but flying home, and amazingly a PB for a 10TT rolling course by almost a minute!

That said I'm hoping it will calm down by Sunday as I have some big mileage planned....


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As I live close to work, I extend my route by cycling a figure of eight pattern, so I wherever the wind comes from parts of my ride are helped and other parts are not.


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Did a big loop of South London this afternoon hoping to get the benefit of the tailwind on the way home.

I got that for a bit, but damn was it windy. Going down towards New Cross and Lewisham I nearly got blown off a few times, damn deep section rims!


I did a PB into work today, 15.1 mph avg, beating the old record by 0.1 mph. I thought that I was going to face a horrendous headwind on the way home this evening but thankfully the wind had died down somewhat and had turned more westerly so it was now more a crosswind. Thus I averaged 17.5 mph on the leg home which is about normal.

I was tired on Thursday so drove into work that day. Glad I did, as that was the windiest day and I would have been concerned about falling tree limbs had I been out on the bike.
I sympathise Kev, I had headwind going to work yesterday and that was my first shift of this set of four. Tailwind going home was OK, until I turned across it :sad: Managed to get up to 33mph on the flat though so not all bad :smile:


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Managed to get out yesterday for a quick ride, dont know if the riding position on a road bike is better for headwind, but sitting up on an MTB was er interesting.

Shouldnt have warn my waterproof pac-a-mac... it was like wearing a sail :/


I blame the wind for me just having an off.

Turning left off a wide main road and I could feel myself being 'pushed' over (thankfully no traffic around). Wasn't going too fast, honest

Now minus a couple of sq. inches of skin on my arm, and a sore hip. Bike's fine though
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