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Any tips on keeping warm and dry during the winter,i have base layers,thermal cycling socks but non are waterproof,i dont really want to stop cycling just yet due to the winter


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Overshoes / toe covers, winter jacket that's thermal and waterproof, decent gloves, skull cap would be my suggestions.

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Bib longs, I like mine to be thinly lined. Winter base layer. Winter jacket which is windproof and with good wicking properties - mine will always be wet on the outside and dry on the inside as the sweat moves through. Summer shirt or gilet under jacket on cold days - 4C or lower. Overshoes. Good gloves and consider thin woolen gloves inside.

My winter jacket is shower proof and I would always use a rain jacket rather than relying on a waterproof winter jacket as I've yet to find one.

My top tip is take a spare base layer, preferably Merino, and put this on next to the skin before leaving the cafe. In the cafe always take off jacket etc. turn inside out and let it dry.
Often, you’ll find you can’t keep totally dry, that’s not a big problem. You do have to stay warm though. If you start getting cold, you’re in trouble. Layering is the key, you can always shed a layer if you get too toasty, if you need extra layers you don’t have, then you could be in trouble. I tend to wear / bring layers, with the times I’ll be stopped foremost in my mind. It’s all well and good to be nicely warmed up, during a ride, only to cop for a mechanical / puncture/ whatev’s, and find yourself getting very cold, very quickly. Yesterday was a good case in point. It wasn’t desperately cold ( 3 or 4 degrees C) but I did get a vist, and I was thankful for the layers I had with me.
If you like hospital food, these are a great idea.

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Regarding keeping dry in the winter. In my experience, it is worth reviewing how much riding in the rain you are likely to be doing. E.g. if you are doing a full day's ride with loads of miles and you go out even if persistent heavy rain is forecast then you would probably need some different weather protection than you would if you only expect to be out in the rain for 1-2 hours either before you stop somewhere to dry off or the rain stops anyway. As the latter situation relates to most of my riding, I wear layers under a windproof outer, but take a lightweight rain jacket to put on over the top if the rain starts while I am out, this seems to work quite well in that it keeps my top half dry and warm.


As a sweaty type, I find thin fleece mid layers (i.e. the ones from walking /outdoor shops) work really well with a wind resistant jacket. In winter, windchill is your enemy and a windproof jacket with some vents works better than an all out waterproof jacket. Fleece work really well at wicking heavy sweaty.

Another tip is to keep rides under a couple of hours. No matter how good the clothing the windchill gets in eventually.
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The only two serious injury accidents, I’ve had on led rides, have been caused by crap getting jammed in hugger mudguards, on winter rides. One was a serious injury, the other one was worse. If I see hugger guards on a bike, on one of my rides now, they take them off, or don’t ride. Stand off guards or ass savers are fine though.


Any tips on keeping warm and dry during the winter,i have base layers,thermal cycling socks but non are waterproof,i dont really want to stop cycling just yet due to the winter
Thick socks - go up a shoe size, buff over mouth and nose - Enjoy the quieter roads and pride yourself on being hard core - If its Icy don't bother !
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