Winter gear...bib-3/4's or bib longs?

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What do you reckon, bib 3/4 length or longs?
Judging from the dhb selections here (I like their Bib-shorts that I have) it seems that there are only a few inches of material to choose between the two. - Cycle&cat=Cycle

What's the story? What are the pro's and cons?

Am thinking....fleecy 3/4's but willing to be swayed by experience...


I depends if you are quite happy having a red/blue bit of leg. Which is invariably what happens if it is really cold and the 1/4 bit which is missing catches the cold, rain, grit, stones, etc.

I use 3/4 for autumn/mild winter days and early spring (and some of this summer). Longs for winter. Although I do also sometimes use shorts in winter, but I'm hard me so I am. :biggrin:


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I am going to need the long ones...boy am I ever going to look ridiculous in those bibs...lucky they have a custom cut for poking th ebelly out of though!:biggrin:

...actually I would like to thank you ...due to this thread I just measured my waiste size. I have lost 8 inches off my waiste since taking up cycling in the spring!


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I used the DHB 3/4s in the winter before last and liked them a lot, though ended up shrinking a bit with a number of washes. Last winter ended up using shorts with knee warmers and longs on the coldest days. You shins go blue but you don't feel it as much...


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I used dhb 3/4's for all mild days during last winter and found them excellent. I also used some quite long merino wool socks from M&S which I could pull up if I wanted to give the ankles a bit of cover. The system worked well. However, I used a pair of full tights for the colder days.


Fab Foodie said:
Good Info Mr Noodley Sir, Thanks.
Trust you're well and had a good Summer.

Yes I've had quite a good summer, apart from the crud weather. Managed to achieve what I had set out to do ride-wise, and have a few more planned. Thanks for asking. :biggrin:


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Summer: shorts
Autumn/spring: 3/4
Winter: thin cycling tights + an ancient pair of old fashioned long-johns bought 12yrs ago from M&S underneath! I kid you not... comfortable and v. toasty on a frosty morn!


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for my commute it tends to be shorts with legwarmers on/in rucksack, depending on the weather.

if i find they spend no more time in the bag then the tights come out.

if it's really cold (and i mean really cold) the bib tights i got from aldi last year get used.
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