Wish I had a camera today!!


Did a nice little 42 mile amble today but got well and truly toasted!! The back of my hands/arms are burnt and my fingers are white, I look like a penguin where my sunglasses were, and I`ve got the usual lines where my shorts and sleeves were!! It`s all pretty sore too now though:wacko: off for a cool (ish) shower to try and cool things down a bit:thumbsup:

Anybody else go out today and get fried??


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Did that last week and ended up with the tops of my legs bright red and the arms burnt but still have white legs!!!


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near Hornsea
I did :biggrin: The cool wind kind of fooled me & I was only planning on going out for a 10 mile spin. Ended up doing 60 miles & out in it a good few hours, head & arms very red & sore, legs a little less sore. Been out for a ride today, but kept arms & head covered, wasn't taking any chances.


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Do as i do now .

Last year a mate of mine had a check up .He was told he had the skin of a 70 year old .

So now loads of sun cream before riding and after the home shower .A cream called doublebase from Boots .

Keep that skin covered .!!!
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