Women's cycling in West Midlands


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If there are any women cyclists here from the West Mids can I point you in the direction of my local cycling group in Stourbridge called Stourbug [www.stourbug.org.uk]. Around 80% of the members are women between the ages of 30 and 60+.

The womens section has it's own groups based on pace, with many of the more mature calling themselves the Tortoise Group. We have Hares too, from the lower age group up to around 50 years, and quite of few of these ride well, on and off road.

The club is affiliated to the CTC and has a nice friendly feel to it, and none of the competitiveness of any other cycling club that I know of.


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Is that the one that Isla Rowntree frequents?
No. Isla is in Stourbridge Cycling Club. SCC is a good club, and I used to be a member.

Since starting Stourbug I've lost count of the number of local cyclists I've encountered to who went along to StourbridgeCC and didn't feel it was for them. The result is Stourbug - a new cycling club in Stourbridge with over 60 paid up members in its first 6 months.

SCC and Stourbug are quite different, and draw different types of cyclists. We're a non competitive / social cycling / campaigning group. Feel free to join us one weekend - and bring your wife if you have one. :?:
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