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Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by Flick of the Elbow, 26 Mar 2017.

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    Women's road racing has never grabbed me. But I may have found a way in. By chance I found myself listening to the Cycling Podcast Feminin the other day. They had a most interesting feature about the daughters of famous names I knew from the 80's who are now racing, e.g. the daughters of Maggy Backstedt, Chris Walker and Rob Holden are three they mentioned. It gives me a few more names to recognise other than Lizzie Deignan and Marianne Vos. In fact the whole programme was very listenable to. I may well be about to follow their advice to find the conclusion of the women's Strade Bianche on the internet.
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    womens road racing is much better than mens IMHO. A lot more going on, more possible winners, and shorter and therefore dont have to sit through 200km of nothing much until something happens.

    and probably (with no evidence of course) less drugs
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    ^pretty much this
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    Read Nicole Cooke's autobiography.
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    This^: You get the feeling it might not be as prevalent but only because there's far less at stake, far less prize money, much lower salaries, with about 25% of the peloton not even being paid.
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    I'm told 50% don't get paid. However, riders for UK teams Team WNT and Drops get paid a low monthly salary. Wiggle will be getting paid reasonable money.

    Fairly sure there are drugs about. For example, Tour de Femenin in Czech republic, 2015 winner (a Russian) was banned just before the start of the 2016 race. Her substitute had recently come back after serving a ban.

    No testing at the Tour of the Ardeche, and in 2016 some very decent UK noted climbers, who ride at UCI WWT level, got destroyed day after day. More than suspicious, to my mind.
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    to be fair my last statement (about the drugs) was only added to add a frisson to the conversation :-)
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    There will be an opportunity to watch the Tour of Flanders live, for those outside Belgium, on the following site

  10. Just spotted a tweet by Ellen van Dijk re the money "awarded" to each rider for racing the following events:

    Nieuwsblad: € 22,67
    Hageland: € 41,12
    Driedaagse De Panne: € 11,92
    Gent-Wevelgem: € 21,62
    Dwars door Vlaanderen: € 76,74
    Tour de Yorkshire: approx. € 600,-

    That is awful, but good to see that TdY paying well above a lot of "bigger" events (albeit they are one-day races)

    I think the Women's Tour in the UK has a prize pot of circa £90,000
  11. I spotted that there is to be a women's UCI Tour of Scotland next year; 3 stages, the week after Ride London or whatever it's called
  12. Crackle

    Crackle Squatter

    Aye I was reading about that. Interesting.
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