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Anyone notice a slightly smoky atmosphere this morning? When i'm out and on the bike i smell more and more wood burner smoke around, almost reminds me of the smoggy 1950-60's. It don't do my chest any good.


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I live in a village (a local one for local people) and most of the neighbouring cottages have their fires going. Have a fireplace myself, just never lit it up.

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Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll pass.
It all depends on the weather conditons. Heavy atmosphere means the smoke lingers closer to ground level. Mine is all right. Not lingering close to the ground, no smell either.


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It all depends on the weather conditions. Heavy atmosphere means the smoke lingers closer to ground level. Mine is all right. Not lingering close to the ground, no smell either.
I imagine any kind of temperature inversion will be bad for trapping the smoke, plus the low wind speeds and the greater temptation to have the fire on in those conditions too.
All wood burning stoves are not equal. The cleaner burning ones are on an approved list and are considerably more expensive than an ordinary stove. I've also given up burning logs now and use the compressed logs, which burn better for longer.


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I had an odd conversation with someone recently who sneered at the thought of open fires and/woodburners and insisted that people in "three bed semis" didn't have them. :scratch:
Well there was definitely lots of soot marks on the brick work to show that there was originally a fire there! I didn't realise it would seep under the plaster around the fireplace. Some of the wood we are going to be burning has come from a willow tree that we chopped several years ago at our old house! And some from a community project that manages a bit of woodland. Although my parents didn't have a real fire when I was growing up, all my relations had real fires or aga's etc so I've missed a real fire. One of my memories of my granny was that I wasn't supposed to come downstairs until she had lit the aga so the room was starting to warm:smile:
[QUOTE 3427501, member: 45"]Do you have an inexpensive source for these?[/QUOTE]

10 logs, 4 quid. Each one burns for about an hour. I stock up every autumn but I'm not a big user. Other places exist, UKheatlogs are quite good.
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We had the 'Back burner' central heating boiler changed to a Combi, freeing up the chimney (its in the centre of the house which is a '3 bed semi :biggrin:) and installed a Franco Belge 'Montfort' Mk2 Elegance (Defra Approved exempt appliance) in its place.
We burn logs that are from a timberyards off cuts and branches (so no use for anything else) and use broken pallets for kindling so zero environmental impact as they'd either go for landfill or be burnt anyway. Now at night we sit with 3 of the cats curled up on the rug together in front of it and the youngster (Fifi) just nearby cos she doesn't yet trust the others but at least the hissing has stopped now.
As for smoke/smell, we are a non-car household so don't pollute the air with fumes from those and as for 'carbon footprint' I was lucky enough to work on Watermead Countryside Park in the 80s and planted around 70 hardwood trees and 3/4 of a mile of Hawthorn hedging (alongside the canal towpath) and we have an Ash tree (self-set) and a Weeping Cherry in the garden so I think mine is in negative figures. :angel:
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