Wooden floor or carpet

Wooden floor or carpet?

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The Mrs has decided i need to redecorate the living room (thanks love!), and wants to replace the wooden floor we have with carpet. I'm not so sure, i like a wooden floor and would prefer a new laminate floor to carpet. We have 2 big dogs and yes they do scratch a wooden floor, but they also flatten carpet pretty quickly also. What would you have?

rich p

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Wood, every time. Real wood if the budget stretches to it. Apart from the stairs and landing we have no carpets anymore.
Wood. With the dog and kids, the carpets get filthy, so it's all wood now with the occasional rug. The dog soon got used to it but he doesn't like the stuff in the kids room. We have to lob cushions down for him to get across it :tongue:

Steve H

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We have a wooden floor in the living room and it looks great and is probably better during the warmer months of the year. However we are thinking of replacing with a carpet. Think it will be warmer and more cosy in the Autumn, Winter and early Spring.

Also I think it is nicer for the kids to play on. Much comfier for the hands, knees and elbows for rolling around on.
Ceedee said:
I like carpet, apart from in the hall.

But splinters are better than burns! :tongue:
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